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Local Michigan Arts and Crafts
Michigan artisans create a variety of unique artwork and craft items, including pottery, textiles, wood crafts, personal care and bath products, and other items that you will find useful, beautiful, or both! When you make a purchase from a local Michigan source, you can be assured that you are supporting local communities and families.
Browse below for local Michigan arts and crafts, including pottery, textiles, wood working, bath products, and more. Simply click on the link for each category to get a contact list of local producers, and craftspeople.
Personal Care and Bath: Herbal Soaps, Specialty Gift Soaps, Lotions, Bath Salts, Lip Balm, More...
Pottery: Bowls, Jars, Pots, Ceramic Artwork, More...
Textiles: Weaving, Sewing, Spinning, Fabrics, Wool, Yarn, More...
Wood work: Furniture, Accessories, Garden Decorations, More...
Metal Work: Blacksmiths, Wrought Iron, Copper, Railings, More...



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