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Ambry Farms
Products: Vegetables, Eggs, Lamb, Wool
Proprietor(s): Amber Hoover-Smith, Bryan Houttekier
Phone: Amber-(517) 403-1424, Bryan-(517) 605-9052
County and Area: Lenawee, Clinton
Operation: C.S.A, Family Farm
Method: Transitional
Farmer's Markets: Tecumseh

Ambry Farms is a grower of grass-fed Katahdin/crossbred lamb, seasonal salad greens, vegetables, grain and pasture fed chicken eggs, medicinal and culinary herbs, maple syrup, flowers, and naturally colored raw Corriedale/Finn sheep wool for handspinners. We are dedicated to providing products without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizer, antibiotics or growth hormones, and all of our products are grown on soils that have had been free of these chemicals for over twenty years. We honor the strengths provided by genetic diversity, and seek rare and heritage livestock breeds such as Katahdin sheep, Buff Orpington and Black Australorp chickens, all of which are currently on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy list of "Recovering" breeds. In the future we intend to offer pastured meat chickens, honey, Boer meat goats, and may try our hands at making goat and sheep milk cheeses. We currently offer our products at the Tecumseh Farmers Market, by CSA shares and mail-order.

We are currently taking memberships for our 2006 CSA season. Lamb, when available, is sold as whole or half carcasses. We sell lamb by the hanging weight, and your order is processed for your convenience at Hillsdale County meats (USDA inspected) into finished custom cuts, and delivered to your door. Please call for more information on our products, CSA membership, or lamb/wool pricing and availability.



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