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Hampshire Farms
Products: Vegetables, Herbs, Chickens, Eggs, Wood-fired Brick-oven Breads and Muffins, Stoneground Flour, Soup Beans
Proprietor(s): Randy, Shirley, Amalie, and Brandon Hampshire
Phone: (989) 683-3161
Address: 7300 Legg Rd, Kingston MI 48741
E-mail Address: hmpshrfm@avci.net
County and Area: Tuscola, Caro (East of Saginaw)
Operation: Market Garden, Family Farm, and Bakery
Method: Organic
Farmer's Markets: Royal Oak, Pontiac, Flint, Frankenmuth

Centennial family farm. Certified Organic since 1988 by GOA. Diversified with field crops, vegetable production, and livestock. We make value-added products, such as stone-ground flour and wood-fired, brick-oven breads. All farm products are sold through local farmers markets. All of this is done by family members without hired help.



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