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Bobilin Honey
Products: Honey
Proprietor(s): Bob Jastrzebski
Phone: (734) 748-2185
Address: 2200 N. Canton Ctr. Rd., Suite 210, Canton MI 48187
E-mail Address: bob@bobilinhoney.com
County and Area: Wayne, Canton
Operation: Apiary
Method: Conventional
Farmer's Markets: Honey available online and at retail locations, see our website for more info.

We offer Michigan-produced honey through our website and through other retail locations. Check our website listed above for more information.

What we can do for you
BOBILIN HONEY provides pollination services through strong, managed honeybee colonies. Based in Canton, Michigan, we offer our services to small growers and back yard gardeners. Honeybee pollination plays an important role in maintaining sustainable, profitable agriculture with minimized disruptions to the environment.

Why you should host a honeybee colony
Honeybees are efficient pollinators, and since they are also easily handled and transported, can be a very cost-effective way to dramatically increase crop yield. Misshapen fruit, low yield, and off-grade production are often the result of flowers that fail to set fruit. Our pollination business is as scalable as your operation requires. We can supply two hives, or two hundred.

How you can get involved
To arrange placement of our pollinator colonies for your crops, orchards and gardens contact Bob Jastrzebski (certified beekeepeer) at (734)748-2185. BOBILIN HONEY can travel anywhere in the Southeast Michigan.



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