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Macon River Farm
Products: Vegetables, Free-range chicken eggs
Proprietors: John and Barbara Mulcahy
Phone: (517) 451-8063
Address: 12273 Kniffen Rd., Britton, MI 49229
E-mail Address: maconriverfarm@tc3net.com
County and Area: Lenawee, Britton
Method: Transitional
Farmer's Markets: Tecumseh

Why we do What we do

We started growing our own food to enjoy a flavorful product free of chemicals. After moving from Tecumseh to Britton we finally had enough space to grow a sufficient amount of produce to take to market. Our desire was to provide naturally grown, seasonal produce to a local market.

What happened to the word organic?

In October 2002, the USDA changed the process of organic certification. For the market gardener the process has become burdensome and expensive. Without this certification though, we can no longer use the term "organic". Our growing practices remain the same; we use no pesticides or herbicides.

Why should you buy locally grown, seasonal produce?

We start in January, pouring over the seed catalogs looking for new varieties with great flavor. Most of our suppliers are certified organic seed companies. The produce that you find in the supermarket is chosen not for flavor but for long shelf life. We pick our produce the night before and the morning of market to provide you with the freshest product possible.

Support your local grower

When you buy from a local grower your money stays in the local economy. You are also getting the freshest possible product. You also get the advantage of speaking directly with the grower about their process. Your Farmers' Market is a treasure and your local growers work hard to bring you their produce. Please support them and enjoy the fruits of their labor.



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