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Uncle Mike
Products: Vegetables, Fruit, Cookies, Woodcrafts, Textiles, Nuts, More (See Detailed List Below)
Proprietor(s): Mike and Rose Powell
Phone: (517) 263-2523
Address: 5561 Ogden Hwy, Palmyra MI 49268
E-mail Address: unclemike@tc3net.com
County and Area: Lenawee, Adrian-Palmyra
Operation: Market Garden, Crafts, and Seasonal Decorations
Method: Conventional
Farmer's Markets: Adrian, Blissfield

Throughout the year, we will have the following homegrown and homemade products available in season:
Vegetables: Greens, radish, carrots, burgundy and wax beans, Chinese Greens, Peppers, Summer and Winter Squash, Tomatoes
Fruit: Strawberries, apples, peaches, plums, pawpaw, limited supplies of: grapes & elderberries,
Bakery: Homemade cookies
Seasonal: Painted pumpkins, Bird house gourds
Crafts: Woodcrafts, home-sewn items including quilts, table runners, placemats, potholders
Nuts: Chestnuts, black walnuts, hazelnuts, English walnuts

A word about chestnuts: although we harvest and sell fresh chestnuts in fall, we have peeled, frozen chestnuts and other chestnut products available year-round. As members of Michigan's own CGI (Chestnut Growers Inc.) cooperative, we have connections to provide gluten-free chestnut flour, dehydrated chestnut chips, (for breadings) and chestnut beer.

For chestnut recipes, Click here.

To access Michigan's Chestnut Growers Inc. (CGI) homepage, Click here.

A word about pawpaw: pawpaw is a soft fruit that grows on a tree. Pawpaw is native to Michigan and other temperate areas of eastern North America, and is sometimes called a "Michigan Banana". Pawpaw fruit is light green when growing and turns yellow-brown in october when ripe. One peels the outer skin to get a soft custard flesh with large dark seeds (which are not eaten). A pawpaw is about 3 inches long and 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Some people string the seeds for beads.

Visit us at the Adrian and Blissfield Farmers Markets during the growing season!
Adrian Farmers Market is off Toledo Street east of N. Main Street. Open on Wednesday, noon to 6:00; Saturday 8:00 to noon.
Blissfield Farmers Market is located off W. US-223 behind the soft ice cream business. Open Tuesday 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.



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