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Thomas Organic Creamery
Products: Milk (organic, whole, non-homogenized), Beef (organic, free-range, ground)
Proprietor(s): Harley and Linda Thomas
Phone: (989) 661-2354
Address: 5005 W. Allan Road, Henderson, MI 48841
Website: www.ThomasOrganicCreamery.com
E-mail Address:
County and Area: Shiawasee, Henderson-Owosso
Operation: Family Farm
Method: Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc.
Farmer's Markets: Royal Oak

We bring you only the freshest milk--produced right on the farm. We pasteurize and bottle our milk in small batches immediately following our morning milking. Our milk is vat pasteurized using the least amount of heat allowable, which maintains nutrition, quality, and taste. Our milk has a shorter shelf-life than high temperature or ultra-pasteurized milk, but it should--it's whole food.

You'll see our milk is a rich creamy color. That's because it comes from grass-fed Jersey cows. Milk produced from grass-fed cows is vitamin-rich it shows in its color, taste, and nutritional value. Jersey cows naturally produce a higher amount of rich-tasting butterfat, which is high in heart-healthy conjugated lineleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fatty acids.

Our cows are free-range on our 80-acre farm from May through November. They are non-confined and rotated to a fresh, green pasture daily. During the winter months our cows eat our own harvested organic hay. Throughout the year they receive pletny of exercise, sunshine, and fresh air.

Look us up on our website! Check our listing for local stores near you where you'll find our milk. See our recipe section for great ways to make your own yogurt, cheese, and more. Or just check the latest on what we're up to next.

Find us at www.ThomasOrganicCreamery.com, or visit us at the farmers market.



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