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Are you a Michigan grower, producer, or crafter? If so, this site can help you develop new marketing opportunities. To be listed here, we ask that you meet the following criteria:
1. Made in Michigan. That you grow, produce, or manufacture your wares in Michigan.
2. You produce what you sell! Since our focus is on developing small- to medium-sized Michigan producers of food and crafts, we ask that you, your family, or your employees directly grow, produce, or manufacture your principal wares.
Our marketing strategy includes three main venues:
1. Internet--via this website.
2. Print advertisements in newspapers/magazines, to direct local traffic towards the website and towards your local farmer's market
3. Published directories to reach non-internet-users and the public in general.
To sign up or get more information, please email us:
Please note that we are not affiliated with any Federal, State or Local government agencies. If you are a purveyor of produce or food products, we assume that you operate according to any and all applicable federal, state, and local laws, including those laws governing the manufacture, handling, transportation, and selling of food products. However, we have neither the authority nor the means to verify or endorse your compliance with any laws, regulations, statutes, or ordnances.



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